I am a yoga practitioner and I also run a collective of teachers. One of my roles withing the group is to manage the digital promotion. My approach to the services I deliver through Sat On A Mat utilises the same yogic principles of listening and of being clear and authentic.

Initially aimed at yoga teachers the Sat On A Mat service has now extended to holistic practitioners, poets, artists, musicians and even a dog groomer. Essentially Sat On A Mat is a service for small businesses who need an affordable solution and a positive approach to their website and branding.

From the initial (free) consultation I  listen carefully to what you need in order to help you to focus and manifest your vision.


Through Sat On A Mat I deliver elegant, professional WordPress websites that are responsive – in other words they work on all devices.

  • I take you through the process of design step by step.
  • I  ensure your site looks good, feels good and is easy to use.
  • I  advise you on content, how and where to use it.
  • I  take care of technical housekeeping such as spam prevention.
  • I  ensure your site is search engine friendly.
  • I  also help you to easily understand how to update the content of the website yourself.

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Approached consciously branding and marketing is just speaking from your heart about the way you can uniquely serve others. It’s telling people why you love what you do. I  help you to visually depict your story through branding.

  • I  can help you better understand what you need and devise a plan
  • I help you to plan ways to creatively grow your community through social media
  • I  work with you to design a  logo that becomes your visual shorthand to referring to what you do and how you do it.

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