Hello, my name is Kary Stewart.  I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher and have been running a collective of teachers since 2012 . We are based in North London and run regular classes, gong events and meditation workshops.

meIn my professional life I am a multimedia story teller who has straddled the line between creative and geek for over 15 years. I work with a group of producers as Ignite Creative.

The idea for Sat On A Mat came when a group of us launched a yoga group – the Kundalini Yoga Collective, and I began to promote our classes online. I soon realised that promoting yoga was inspiring me to use a new approach to digital promotion. My priority became to connect authentically with the audience. By keeping this intention strong I have built a community which regularly engages with us both in the digital and ‘real’ world. As our presence online continued to grow and I was increasingly being asked for advice on all things marketing and digital by other yoga teachers. That is how Sat On A Mat was born.

Initially aimed at yoga teachers the service has now extended to holistic practitioners, poets, artists, musicians and even a dog groomer! Essentially Sat On A Mat is a service for small businesses who need an affordable solution and a positive approach to their website and branding.

As a yoga teacher I would like to continue to deliver the skills and teachings that inspired me to become a yoga teacher in the first place. To achieve that it’s essential to create a balance between sustainability and service. Through Sat On A Mat I aim to provide a really powerful and effective service that is also simple and affordable. Really affordable! Find out how we work.

You can contact me on kary@satonamat.com.