Sat Surgery

Stuck? Can’t figure out how to make changes? Need additional help? On this page you can book a Skype surgery slot with Kary. 

Sat Surgery aims to assist clients who may need a little more assistance on development and design once their website is already up and running. This may include WordPress queries, server set up assistance such as emails and questions on integration with other applications such as Paypal, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter and many others.

Sat Surgery is for existing or past clients only.

To Make A Booking
  1. Find a date which is not crossed on the calendar below and pick a slot, or more than one slot.
  2. Each slot is an hour long at £30 per hour
  3. You can book as many slots as you like. The minimum is one hour.
  4. Fill in your details.
  5. Once you submit the form this will direct you to Paypal to make your payment.
  6. Payment constitutes an agreement to the Terms & Conditions below.


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Terms & Conditons for the Sat Surgery
  • Surgery times vary weekly.
  • Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours in advance. All cancellations will incur a £30 fee.
  • No refunds after this period.
  • During the consultation any more than 15 minutes over the allotted time is chargeable.
  • If you need more time you may book another slot.
  • Payment must be made before a further consultation begins.
  • Unused time cannot be carried over